FutureEverything at PICNIC

23-25 September 2009 / Amsterdam

FutureEverything is collaborating with Waag Society, FING and Amsterdam Innovation Motor to host a EcoMap Lab at PICNIC09 More info

FutureEverything's Director, Drew Hemment, has also been invited to present a main stage talk at PICNIC09 More info

PICNIC is three inspiring days of ideas, fun and sensory stimulation in media, technology, entertainment, art and science. Come and inspire others. PICNIC is a unique festival and an inspiring conference complimented by a set of networking events and hands-on technology experiences for top creatives and innovation professionals in business, technology, new media, entertainment, science and the arts.

EcoMap Lab

Friday 25 September, 09:45-17:00

FutureEverything, Waag Society, FING and Amsterdam Innovation Motor will host a one-day EcoMap Lab at PICNIC. We will build a shared understanding on how to map the environment (eg. energy, waste & mobility), aggregate the data and visualize it to promote behavioral change and reduce CO2 footprints. We will use alternative measurement networks and services that enable people to take active part. Based on international examples we will develop prototypes for getting, aggregating & visualizing environmental data in effective, useable and unexpected ways.

Drew Hemment Talk

Friday 25 September, Conference Hall, 14:15-14:45

This talk shall explore how participatory observation and mapping made possible by locative technologies combined with the ability to share information globally and instantly creates an unprecedented capacity for participatory mass observation on the environment, biodiversity and local climate. Environment 2.0 is a project initiated in 2006 by FutureEverything to explore how people can use locative art to develop 'new senses,' and share their discoveries with neighbours and people around the globe to become a part of a world-wide network of 'one billion eyes.'


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