FutureEverything Launch Event: Environment 2.0 Exhibition at LICA

The Art Launch for the FutureEverything 2010 festival is the Environment 2.0 art exhibition by FutureEverything at LICA

Environment 2.0 art exhibition featuring Kim Abeles, Prayas Abhinav, Ackroyd & Harvey, Amy Balkin, HeHe, Aaron Koblin, Eva Meyer-Keller, Fujiko Nakaya, Andrea Polli, Janine Randerson, Scenocosme and Elin Wikström - a new iteration at LICA of the first Environment 2.0 art exhibition staged at Futuresonic 2009 in Manchester last May.

This exhibition is the art launch for the FutureEverything 2010 festival and is the inaugural art exhibition of the Public Arts at Lancaster Institute for the Contemporary Arts (LICA). It is curated by Drew Hemment (FutureEverything/ImaginationLancaster) and Dennis Hopkins (FutureEverything), and is the culmination of a three-year collaboration between FutureEverything and Lancaster University.

Peter Scott Gallery
LICA (Lancaster Institute for the Contemporary Arts) 
Lancaster University 

7/10/09 - 31/10/09
Launch 6.00pm, 6/10/09
Admission Free

Environment 2.0 Exhibition at LICA

Kim Abeles (US) - Presidential Commemorative Smog Plates
and other portraits of US politicians in smog 

An installation of beautiful and distinctive ceramic plates illustrating how the promises of politicians are at odds with the harm done to the environment in different eras. The plates are portraits of U.S. Presidents from McKinley to Bush, each one created from smog and using their historical quotes about the environment and business.

Prayas Abhinav (IN) - Petpuja

Photographs, drawings, stories and a scale model from Petpuja, a project exploring the potential of urban food systems in Bangalore and Delhi. Petpuja demonstrates the possibility of a freely accessible network of community grown food and looks at the nutritive, environmental and inter-personal implications that growing vegetables in the public can have on neighbourhoods. 'Petpuja' translates as 'stomach worship.' It explores the potential of food growing initiatives, and references the rich street culture of fast food, street food and junk food in Delhi.

Ackroyd and Harvey (UK) - Beuys' Acorns

Photography of oak saplings grown by the artists from Joseph Beuys's acorns. In 2007, Ackroyd & Harvey gathered and germinated hundreds of acorns from renowned artist Joseph Beuys's seminal artwork 7000 Oaks in Germany, and in doing so began a new long term research project. Beuys' Acorns explores the agency of ideas associated with the provenance of the trees and provokes questions as to the artists relationship with nature, the changing climate and collapsing economic order.

Amy Balkin (US) - Reading the IPCC Fourth Assessment Report

Video and photography of the first public reading of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) report. The IPCC Fourth Assessment Report is one of the most important reports ever written, yet it is also one of the least known. At this time of global crisis, artist Amy Balkin revives the tradition of public speaking associated with Town Criers and Speakers Corner to take the report direct to the people.

HeHe (UK/DE) - Nuage Vert

Documentation of a large scale environmental artwork awarded a Golden Nica by Prix Ars Electronica in which a laser projection illuminates a cloud of vapour emissions produced by a power plant in Helsinki.  The shape of the laser image follows a thermal image of the emissions, visualising the amount of heat emitted whilst the size of the projection makes visible power consumption in the local area.

Aaron Koblin (US) - Flight Patterns

Flight Patterns is a data visualisation project that precisely traces the path of airline flights in the United States in colour and form. The result is a stunning visual animation of the path of the thousands of aircraft in American airspace during a single day. Aviation is a symbol of globalisation and one of the drivers of climate change. Flight Patterns was based on 24 hours worth of airplane tracking data provided by the Federal Aviation Administration and developed using open source programming language.

Eva Meyer-Keller (DE) - Handmade

A film in which three different catastrophic weather scenarios are re-enacted with playful precision using household objects and materials such as a mixer, a hairdryer, salt and water to simulate states of emergency caused by climate change.

Fujiko Nakaya (JP) - Fogfalls #47670 'Tales Of Ugetsa' & Foggy Forest

Documentation of environmental fog sculpture artworks by seminal Japanese artist Fujiko Nakaya. Fujiko has created a variety of works from the 1960s to the present day, exploring the interface between nature and technological society. Her major works include the fog sculpture series and Information Sculpture such as Utopia Q&A 1981.

Andrea Polli (US) - Cloud Car

A public artwork in which a cloud of steam and mist surrounds a Ford Taurus station wagon, enveloping the car and driver. The project makes emissions in the air tangible and visible, and leads us to consider the consequences of our love affair with the automobile: polluted air, dangerous roads, noise and congestion.

Janine Randerson (NZ) - Rorschach Clouds

A stunning video installation by New Zealand based new media artist, Janine Randerson. The film 'Rorschach Clouds' shows cloud formation and decay as fluid visual poetry. Cloud observation from the ground is generally understood to be more subjective in nature by scientists than the remote view of satellite imaging or digital logging of weather data.

Scenocosme (FR) - Akousmaflore

Akousmaflore is a small garden composed of living musical plants or flowers which react to human gestures and light contact. Each plant reacts in a different way to contact or heat by emitting a specific sound. Our invisible electrical aura acts on the plant branches and encourages them to react. The plants sing when the audience lightly stroke or pass in the immediate vicinity to them. A flower concert is created.

Elin Wikström (SE) - Reds Against Greys - One Kind of Squirrel Versus Another Kind of Squirrel

A film by Scandinavian artist Elin Wikstrom of a wheelchair tag rugby match, scripted and designed to illustrate biodiversity issues and representing the struggle for existence between native and non-native species in the northwest of England, and in particular the red and grey squirrel. The drama and brutality of the game is captured in the film shown, providing an explosive illustration of the "battle of the species."

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