Remember Me

12 May - 15 May 2010
10am - 5:30pm

Remember Me - TOTeM

The RememberMe artwork is a collaborative project with the Oxfam shop, near Contact Theatre. Leading up to FutureEverything, a research assistant will be based in the shop and recording brief stories about the donated objects into a microphone: where they acquired it, the memories attached and any associated stories.  This audio clip will be linked to an RFID tag and QR code.

During FutureEeverything all tagged items will then join the shop’s stock. Customers, including conference delegates, will be invited to use our bespoke RFID readers, or their own smart phone to browse artifacts, displayed amongst the many thousands of other objects.

Once triggered, RememberMe labeled objects, will replay the story through speakers located in the shop, evoking ghosts of the past. Tagged objects will be in the public domain for purchase by other members of the community.  Our iPhone and Android apps will allow them to access the story for years to come.

FutureEverything delegates are encouraged to bring something to the conference to donate to Oxfam, and to record a story with it.

The project is developed by the TOTeM project, a UKRC Digital Economy funded project to explore the social potential of the Internet of Things.



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