GloNet: Introduction to Vancouver, Canada

13 May 2010
16:45 - 16:50
Contact Space 1

GloNet: Introduction to Vancouver, Canada

An introduction to Vancouver, Canada.

Theme: Open Data
The Open Data movement strives to ensure that information in our rapidly expanding data-driven world is made open and accessible. Our cities today are engines for generating and archiving data. It is the lifeblood of a modern technologised society. Opening up these public datasets offers an opportunity to reconnect people with the democratic process through more transparent governance. It also offers the chance for a more efficient dialogue between citizen and state. The process of opening up this information is not without its challenges, but by getting as many voices around the table as possible, the Open Data movement can lead to new forms of representation, social interaction and innovation. In Manchester, FutureEverything is leading the charge to make Manchester one of the first Open Data Cities in the UK. In Vancouver the principles of the open data movement are being pursued by engaging directly with local government.


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