GloNet: Introduction to Istanbul, Turkey
AMBER platform

13 May 2010
12:15 - 12:20
Contact Space 1

GloNet: Introduction to Istanbul, Turkey

A short introduction to Istanbul, Turkey, and our GloNet partners there.

Theme: Urban Growth in an Age of Networks
Across the globe, cities expand and contract; thrive and decline; become dense and sprawl out. Istanbul, one of the key cities in the
history of civilisation, also has the fifth most populous city centre in the world. Contending with the many problems and questions of rapid
economic and social growth, like many of its counterparts across the globe, technology has an ever-growing presence in the social and
political life of the city. From online networks to e-government, and traffic cameras to digitally monitored and managed public spaces,
Istanbul's growth has an undeniably technological dimension. This is a new situation, which demands that we rethink many concepts we employ
to interpret urban reality. What do we mean when we say "growth", and which benefits and pitfalls come with it, in the age of ever-evolving
social technologies and government? How can we interrogate the fantasy and the reality of urban growth in a technologised context? Can our
increasing social engagement with each other through technology play a role in how we cope with, understand, and manage urban growth?


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