GloNet: Introduction to São Paulo, Brazil

13 May 2010
15:00 - 15:05
Contact Space 1

GloNet: Introduction to São Paulo, Brazil

An introduction to São Paulo, Brazil.

Theme: Transitory Geographies
Starting from an image of Brazil as a potential country of the future, and focusing on real issues common to a city such as São Paulo, we
question the fabrication of contemporaneity based on progress and futurity as well as models of entrepreneurship often ignoring local
processes and identity. Within this context we inquire on initiatives of how new configurations of public space become possible through
citizen participation and the use of recent mediating technologies. We need stronger and assertive experiences dealing with social reality, allowing new models for interacting with the city and communication within the city, improving quality of life and focusing on the tangible present and near-future. This theme investigates imaginary mapping, provisory cartographies, gentrification, vague and/or ambiguous territories and reconstructed landscapes and other relevant issues to megacities such as São Paulo.


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