Agents of Change 0.3
Agents of Change

10 May - 15 May 2010
10am - 6pm
Secret venue, to be revealed

Agents of Change 0.3

Revealed!  The secret venue is...

The Sharp Project

Thorp Road,
M40 5BJ

Visit from 10am-5pm Saturday 15th May to see the huge scale installation Agents of Change have wrought on this immense warehouse canvas


Buses run regularly from Picadilly Gardens in the centre of Manchester, and from the junction of Oldham Road and Great Ancoats Street/Swan Street.

24, 72, 75, 82, 83, 180, 181, 182, 184

The Sharp Project is a huge white warehouse space on the junction of Thorp Road and Oldham Road

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Large Scale Urban Intervention
Mixed Media
New Commission

A new Manchester space will be revealed as a part of an artwork by contemporary art collective Agents of Change.

Fresh from their Ghost Village project transforming an abandoned village on the west coast of Scotland, the contemporary art collective Agents of Change will work in secret and at a monumental scale, transforming an urban location in Manchester with spray cans, paint and perception-altering art. The very special secret location is visible only over a video link, with clues to its location gradually released, culminating in a public opening on the last day of the festival.

FutureEverything has long been interested in place-making and reimagining the city, and the art programme explores our evolving urban condition, through a series of urban interventions, and artworks visualising the city in imaginative ways. Place-making through a collision of contemporary art and digital media is the focus in this new commission by art collective, Agents of Change.

Check out the live stream of Agents of Change at work and the latest pictures from the project here.



AOC 0.3 from Agents Of Change on Vimeo.

To watch more videos from this year's festival click here.


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