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The first GloNet, a prototype for a new kind of globally networked event, was on Thur 13 May. FutureEverything is shifting from a single city event to one taking place simultaneously at venues around the globe.

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Serendipity Challenge

If there is no creativity without serendipity, how do we foster serendipity in the networked city? Find out about the Serendipity Challenge here, the results for each city can be seen below

Travel the world from our hub in Manchester through the following activities:

GloNet Conference Space 1, Ticketed
Group to group interaction with thinkers and doers in five global cities that will delight and surprise, addressing key issues relating to our cities and our futures.

GloNet Talking Boxes Foyer and Cafe, Free and open to the public
Uniquely designed videoconferencing units that have been specifically created to enable spontaneous and informal social interaction between the five GloNet venues around the world.

GloNet Front Room Space 5, Free and open to the public
A participatory telematic artwork by Paul Sermon, using virtual studio technology to bring together audiences in Manchester and Sao Paulo.


Vancouver Serendipity Statements

Social media empowers "tribes" negatively but before urban society was on a worse trajectory: isolationism. At least now we're talking #futr

Cultural awareness when sharing information is key: when talking about open standards we should forgo XML if culturally irrelevant #futr

Communication is critical to society and our well-being. Talk to people more, especially those who can create changes you want to see. #futr


Sao Paulo Serendipity Statements

Bad public transportation leads to insularity and urban stratification - good public transportation creates consensual shared spaces where new connections and unspoken understanding can flourish, and increase participation beyond the familiar.

Social networking tools allow us to reflect on the value and depth of real community - they remind us that reality has depth and permanence beyond simple messaging and textual communication.

Software and civic architectures are codified limits; deterministic systems need to offer space for people rather than serve their architects. Questions of ownership, control, and authority still favour more powerful parties. 


Sendai Serendipity Statements

We believe that serendipity works better in a small to medium sized city. Tangible centre, better networking with people across scenes #futr

Interpersonal meetings and social tech can work together in small to medium sized cities to provide quality serendipitous encounters. #futr

For Sendai's creative industry to prosper, serendipity needs to play a part to form a different proposition to those of larger cities. #futr


Istanbul Serendipity Statements

To address serendipity satisfactorily, we must view it in terms of the political sphere, under which our cities are made and remade #futr


Serendipity can’t be consistent unless backed by solid and virtuous creativity that’s good for all – rather than good for the few #futr


By using the tools available to us – technological (or otherwise) we can utilise serendipity to subvert structures and hierarchies #futr

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