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The FutureEverything Award recognises outstanding achievement for innovation in art, society & technology.

The Award

The FutureEverything Award recognises outstanding achievement for innovation in art, society & technology. It celebrates creative projects in any medium which offer a new and unique way to experience or see the world and help to bring the future into the present. 

The winner receives a £10,000 cash prize and the FutureEverything Trophy.


Winner Announced for the inaugural FutureEverything Award

The EyeWriter has been voted as the winner of our first Award.

Our Director, Drew Hemment, comments: ‘We were delighted with the high calibre and diversity of submissions for the debut FutureEverything Award, this year’s winner demonstrates extraordinary creativity, imagination and ingenuity.’

The EyeWriter was chosen as the winner following a rigorous jury process and an online vote by the global FutureEverything community of artists and participants from the past 15 years. The EyeWriter beat the two other shortlisted projects: Open_Sailing and Amphibious Architecture by a fraction.


The Awarding Bodies

- FutureEverything is a globally celebrated authority on innovation in the arts, society and technology that plays an increasingly central role in the innovation ecology in Manchester and the UK.

- ImaginationLancaster is a centre of excellence for research in art and design rated amongst the top 3 in the UK where emphasis is placed on productive collaborations to create desirable and sustainable futures.


Award Criteria


The overall quality and merit of the submission.


Does it enhance knowledge and practice in art, design, digital media or social innovation?


Relevance to FutureEverything's themes of society, technology, environment and the city.


Is the project a new piece of work? Is it original and distinctive?

Coherence and Rigour

Artistic or intellectual precision, method and integrity.


The Jury and Voting Process

The Jury and Voting Process

The shortlist was selected by an international jury, who chose three projects from a longlist of twenty, taken from over 1,000 submissions and nominations. The winner was decided by an open vote by the FutureEverything Community, the world wide community of FutureEverything artists and participants from the past 15 years. The voting closed on Friday 5 March, 2010.

The Jury

Thanks to the International Jury who selected the final shortlist of 3 candidates.

Steve Dietz,
Artistic Director of 01SJ Biennial
and Executive Director of Northern Lights

Gunalan Nadarajan,
Director of ISEA Singapore & Vice Provost at MICA

Maria Balshaw,
Director of the Whitworth Art Gallery, Manchester

Colin Fallows,
Professor of Sound and Visual Arts, Liverpool John Moores University,
Board of Directors, FutureEverything

Thanks to Christiane Paul.


Extra information

For press information, please contact Iliana Taliotis or Chris Baker at Colman Getty on +44 (0)20 7631 2666 or iliana@colmangetty.co.uk

For general information, please contact Karen Gaskill, FutureEverything Awards Manager on T: 44 (0)161 834 1300 | E: karen@futureeverything.org



The FutureEverything Community is at the heart of everything we do. It is the world wide community of creative visionaries who have participated over the past 15 years in the FutureEverything Festival and Conference, and the artists, scientists, thinkers and makers who take part in the FutureEverything Labs we run year round.

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Runner Up: Open_Sailing


Open_Sailing is an international community trying to develop the International_Ocean_Station as an open-source project, developing hardware and software to enable intelligent human activities at sea. We are a constantly growing, multidisciplinary, international team of people designing and engineering the prototype that is being built now in the UK, France and Morocco under the mentoring of numerous experts.

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Winner: The Eyewriter

The Eyewriter

The EyeWriter project is an ongoing collaborative research effort to empower people who are suffering from ALS, and other degenerative neuromuscular diseases, with creative technologies. The EyeWriter itself is a pair of low-cost eye- tracking glasses & custom software that allow artists and graffiti writers with paralysis resulting from Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis to draw using only their eyes.

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Runner Up: Amphibious Architecture

Amphibious Architecture

A project by the Environmental Health Clinic at New York University and the Living Architecture Lab at Columbia University Graduate School of Architecture, Planning and Preservation Commissioned for Toward the Sentient City, an exhibition by the Architectural League of New York.

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Nominations for FutureEverything Award

View the long-list of nominations for the FutureEverything Award which was sent to our International Jury, so that they could select a shortlist of three outstanding projects.

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